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Artificial Consciousness ADS Project

ADS-AC is an experimental Open Source program which implements Absolutely Dynamic System, a proposed mechanism for Artificial Consciousness, and it has passed one test and partly another so far. The only information which it has when it starts to learn, is topology of a very simple structure, so that there is no pre-programmed information about anything which it will learn. That means maximum generality, but low speed. This site includes both the program documentation, and articles about Artificial Consciousness, as it is known today, and how it is related to ADS-AC.


Implementing Artificial Consciousness with ADS -- Read this first, implementing Artificial Consciousness with Absolutely Dynamic Systems, including a training program example, comparison with Cellular Automaton etc

Artificial Consciousness -- Artificial Consciousness as it is known today

Absolutely Dynamic System Derivation -- Absolutely Dynamic System derivation

Absolutely Dynamic System -- Explaining the Absolutely Dynamic System implementation

Calculating the Z Score -- How to calculate the z score to estimate whether the result is significant

Test Data

Test Example -- Example log file with 600 trials (maximum absolute z score 3.64, its chance probability 1 in 7336 is highly significant)

External links

SourceForge Project Page -- Where you can download the source code etc

AC Forum -- A forum for everything about Artificial Consciousness

IRC: DALnet #artc -- Created just in case if more than two people want to talk about AC

ADS-AC program documentation

About DI -- The old DI readme file

Bugs -- Bugs tracking

Changes -- Changes log

Installing and Compiling -- Compiling, installing

User Help -- Some help text about how to use adc-ac program

Diagrams -- Diagrams from forum posts


Here you can download the binaries, if you don't want to compile, recent str files etc:



As this project is suspended due to the lack of interest by people, no further development has been done by me, i don't know about anyone else.

However, for porting the code to Linux, i made a small generic widget toolkit for SDL that has become a popular widget toolkit that is only based on SDL, not on any more complicated libraries such as OpenGL.


Please contact the project admin. This money, if there ever would be any, would enable me and others to do the reasearch, thanks a lot. If you can offer a job which enables to continue the research, please contact too.

About this site

This site is a part of the SourceForge ADS-AC project. All this site, including all the papers, is done as a wiki, which can be edited by the developers. A copyright of the papers is that of their authors, they can be shared under the condition that appropriate credit must be given to their authors. There is a discussion page for every paper for change logs, reviews and comments.

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